Drinks & catering for your bookings.

For us, feeling good@work also means enjoying culinary delights. In the office or in our off-site locations.

That’s why we offer our guests unlimited access to our Creative Snack Bars, which come with small snacks, brainfood and superfood and a wide selection of drinks.

In addition to really good coffee, drinks are available in many variants -cappuccino, moccacino, espresso, espresso macchiato – various (loose) teas, chai latte or Irish coffee (non-alcoholic), mineral water, soft drinks, juices, scabs, cult drinks, beer (non-alcoholic) , beer mix …

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Snack Bar

Even the ancient Incas and Mayans have recognized the magic of Brainfood. Extremely rich in nutrients, they support our creativity. That’s what we developed MindSnack boxes for.

In addition to these mindSnacks, we offer fresh fruit, delicious cookies, sweets & nuts in our Creative Snack Bars.


be a snacker.

Our catering offers

Restaurant booking – just around the corner with pre-order

Special dietary requirements are best met in the restaurant, as you can choose the menu individually in the morning.

* Highlight * at Duesseldorf location – cooking in the Kitchenlounge

Workshop and cooking together - the team building in Duesseldorf

The Kitchenlounge combines spontaneous ideas with cooking together. Meeting & team, just the right way to break new grounds or celebrate successful ones.

The kitchen area consists of an oversized induction field, a steamer with many functions and a microwave. You can bring the fresh ingredients or get them through us.

The workshop area is furnished with beautiful wooden tables and cosy chairs and complemented by the large panel wall. A projector is included in the room, as well as Flipchart & Moderation Box.